Congratulations To All Graduates

Dear APU/APIIT Graduate,

Your graduation is the culmination of all your hard work throughout your time with us. It is naturally your dream and at the same time a fulfillment of the hopes of your parents. All your effort and hard work, which you have persistently challenged yourself with, are now rewarded with this achievement. With the qualifications that you have earned, you will from now on be exposed to the outside world to practise whatever you have learned at APU in your field of expertise.

Your Graduation Ceremony is a solemn event bringing together societal, traditional values and a conventional recognition as practiced by most Universities all over the world.

This portal contains all the information that you need in order to make your Graduation a truly memorable occasion for yourself and your loved ones. Therefore, please thoroughly read and understand the guidelines provided, so as to ensure that the organizing team of staff are able to smoothly plan and execute all activities relating to your Graduation.

Have a great Graduation Ceremony!

The Ceremony


Saturday, 29th June 2019


Auditorium One, Level 7 Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation Campus, Technology Park Malaysia.

Programme of the Day


Time Programme
09:30am –
Registration for graduates / parents / guests @
Student Services Counter, Level 3
10:30am Group Photography for
Lecturers & Graduates @ Grand Staircase, Main Entrance, Level 3)
Registered Guests may proceed to:
Auditorium 1, Level 7
10:45am Assembly of Graduates @ Block E, Level 7
10:55am Graduates’ Procession @ Auditorium 1, Level 7
11:05am Academic Procession @ Auditorium 1, Level 7
‘Negaraku’ (National Anthem)
11:10am Commencement of Ceremony

  • Welcome Address by Vice Chancellor of Asia Pacific University
  • Valedictorian Speech
11:25am Graduation Ceremony
12:00pm (est.)
  • Congratulatory Address by CEO of APIIT Education Group

End of Ceremony

12:10pm Lunch @ Centre Point, Level 3

Graduation Information

A photo studio for individual or family portraits will be set up by professional photographers from 10:00am onwards, on Level 7, opposite Auditorium One for you to take individual or family portraits.

Kindly make payments directly to the professional photographers on the Graduation Day. A counter will be set up for payment purposes. Please obtain the receipt/coupon for any payments made.

There will be group photography session prior to the graduation ceremony. If you wish to purchase the group photograph, you may make payment of RM 40.00 directly to the photographer on the Graduation Day.

  • Group photograph: (8×20 – 1 copy)

IMPORTANT: Please take note of the time assembly for group photography session. This will be advised. Any latecomers will not be allowed to participate in the group photography session

During the receiving of scrolls on the stage, your individual photographs will be taken by the photographer. Please pause for about 2 seconds and look at the photographer for your photograph to be taken. Then proceed down the stage and get your photograph number from the photographer’s assistant who will be waiting at the other end of the stage. Please ensure that you retain the photograph number given to you in order to collect your photographs later.

Stage photograph payment of RM 20.00 (optional), where you can pay directly to the photographer on the Graduation Day (1 copy of 10 x 4, 1 softcopy photo CD, and 2 copies of 4R).

The photographer will be available personally at A.P.U @ TPM for collection of photograph.

Collection of Stage, Portraits & Group Photos

  • Date    : Friday, 5 July 2019
  • Time    : 11:00 AM till 7:00 PM
  • Venue : Studio Room (Opposite Auditorium One), Level 7, Spine

Thereafter, you may collect your photos from APU Administration Services, Block D, Level 4 APU Campus.

Guest are required to remain seated throughout the ceremony and are not allowed to come forward to take photographs. The use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited inside the hall during the ceremony. Please ensure you and your parents/guests are aware of the request. i.e. to switch off all mobile phones prior to the beginning of the ceremony.

The Florist will be stationed on Level 3 (near the Grand Staircase) and Level 1M (at the Driveway) for purchase of flowers and gifts.

The Graduation Ceremony is a formal occasion. As such, please adhere strictly to the following guidelines on the dress code, failing which, you may not be allowed to enter the Hall.

Men: Long-sleeved shirt & tie; suit (optional). Dark coloured trousers. Black/brown leather shoes.

Ladies: Shirt/blouse, Knee-length or longer skirt/dress and medium height court shoes.

As such, the following attire is strictly prohibited:

  • Slippers, sandals and sport shoes
  • T-Shirts
  • Jeans and shorts
  • Sports attire
  • Tight-fitting attire

Hair should be neatly combed and presentable at all times. Your Tertiary Graduation is a lifetime experience for you. As such, you should endeavour to look your best and smartest on the memorable day.

The University has the right to refuse entry to graduates who are deemed to not appropriately dressed.

We have prepared Gown Fitting & Preparation Rooms for all graduates at:

  • Gown Fitting Room: Auditorium 4, Level 3

Pre – Graduation Procedure

  1. Please check your fee statement and clear all outstanding payments (if any).
  2. Please return all library books and clear library fines (if any).
  3. Please complete the registration form below.

Part A: Tracer Study (COMPULSORY as required by Ministry of Education, Malaysia).
Part B: Graduation Registration.

Graduation Guidelines

Graduation Attire

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